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The title says "Anime girls", but this group is open to more or less any fantasy girls.

As any other group has them, this one has rules too. They will be edited as we see fit.

Please try and submit deviations in the right folder. We have different folders for a reason. OCs that are part of a franchise can fall under either fanart OR original characters. Thank you.

Don't submit your picture to the Fan Art folder if you think it could also go to Sexy/Ecchi. Also, please don't submit it to Fan Art if it has a mature filter. These pictures go to Mature Content.

If your deviation is not accepted or declined within a week, resubmit it.

What is accepted:
-Female characters from existing anime/manga
-OCs drawn in anime style
-Fantasy OCs drawn in a realistic style (like, having some magical power, property or sth that makes the chara a fantasy chara)
-RPG female characters (or characters from video games which are created in anime style)
-Any other character that does not exist in real life, but has to do with fantasy.
-Nudity, yuri (Will take more time to review if it's mature content)
-Cosplay, stamps (they go to the appropriate folder), wallpapers, signatures, fanfictions of characters such as above (the last 3 go to the Miscellaneous folder). It should go without saying that wallpapers should be your own work.
-Pictures that have only 1 female character, but also 1 or more non-female characters
-Anime versions of real girls/women
-Sketches are allowed as long as a) they do not fall under the WIP category and b) they do not look too messy. For example, if a sketch was going to be either refined further or colored, we would have to decline it.

What is NOT accepted:
-Non-human female characters which have no human-looking face and breasts (cat girls, harpies, nagas, mermaids are allowed, dragon/fox/cat girls etc. with faces like Sonic characters are not allowed)
-Photomanipulations (the character must be created without stock images; this rule might be revised)
-Pictures of only male characters.
-Yaoi (even if there is a girl on the pic)
-Portraits of real girls/women
-Works In Progress (WIPs) are not allowed. An exception can be made if both a colored and uncolored work can both be considered 'finished,' but that happens once in a blue moon.

Rules are open to suggestions.

WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO ACCEPT/DECLINE DEVIATIONS! Although it looks like we have 5 people on staff, the founder barely ever comes on at all, and 2/4 co-founders appear to have vanished. This position will always be open so as to ensure that things get done. :)



Gallery Folders

Commission for Divinusvento by inma
Sweet Dream by ShootingStarWish
Violet by atrellus31
Release by MiyaSekaia
Fan Art
Dragon Ball Super - Caulifla SSJ by TeraMaster
Eromanga-sensei by shi-k
Mary Jane by Flowerxl
Widowmaker by Flowerxl
Original Characters 2013
OC Girls by sultansaab
sketch #1 by Ku-On
Happy Halloween! by KimiK-A
COMMISSION: Selvaria by Flowerxl
Realistic versions of anime girls
Study by SimhaART
Day 8 - Suki Waterhouse by Anspire
Hinata by KerbauArt
Dears Ren in Space by Brainstorm-bw-style
Mey Rin with Madame Red by beni-the-onion
Kantai Collection - Battleship by rolan666
Kantai Collection - Battleship by rolan666
Team-Awesomesauce :D by A-M4-COM
Miatriss's new Stamp by Miatriss
Girls + other characters
[COM] Victoria Hope Baker by k-en
Like A Fairytale - Commission by hello-mango
Chibi Corrin by ClaireRoses
MiLu. Lucy X OC - Till death do us apart by Sknatlo
Ouat - Evil Queen (TV screenshot to anime) by noodles919
Self Portrait by KaworuN
Marie Antoinette (movie screenshot to anime) by noodles919
Sexy Ecchi

Mature Content

Farrah (grandblue fantasy) by Giantessfan27

Mature Content

Heles (grandblue fantasy) by Giantessfan27
Sephira caught by HEARTZMD
Mature Content

Mature Content

Hamikaze (kantai collection) by Giantessfan27

Mature Content

Fanart - Aqua (Mature content - Censored) by Zaikar

Mature Content

Milk Sundae by HEARTZMD

Mature Content

Staten x Alex x Zara by Nixoclash
Figurines and Models
Millhiore by HunterX-v2
Chibi Rabbit by ele93
50 + Ways to draw anime / manga eyes by nickperriny7mai
Animation Commission: Vin by galia-and-kitty
The "Draw This Again " Meme
Before and After! [MEME] by xiu-emi
Original Characters Archive
Bronis trash by Troismax
Ref Sheets
How To Draw and colour 6 anime and manga eyes by nickperriny7mai
Original Characters 2014
Forest fairy by DeyonSide
Original Characters 2015
Kitsune girl by KitsuneYin
Happy New Year! I...apparently I'm the only one here, now. I'm sorry for not being as active as I probably should be.  I should be on like all the time!

Ahem. There is a purpose to this blog post aside from saying happy new year. Promise.

Firstly, I've made the 2015 OC folder. Do tell me if it works, yes?

Second, there seems to be a few...misunderstandings that I've noticed, over the years. The first, and perhaps most major one, is that this is not just another anime club - it is an anime club focused on girls, ladies, and women. Sometimes, women and men in anime can be hard to tell apart, especially with the popularity of bishounen. This is annoying when it comes to screening at a glance, so I'm making a note of it here.

That's one. The "Girls + other characters" folder is another. What that folder is for, in a nutshell, is girls with guys, ponies, dragons, sponges (the animal), geese, mongooses, Kyubey, etc. It doesn't mean that just pictures of girls as stand-alones go there. That's the whole purpose of this group! :D I may re-title this folder to make it more clear.

Finally...I should make a folder for advertisements. We have a few of them, and I'm one of the people always looking for commissionable folks. ;)

Have a lovely 2015! :dance:
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Hello Guys, if you want to take a look this is my Wonderful Worldcosplay Page!
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